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Dr. Amy Hutchison directs the Digital, Computational, and Data Literacies (D.CoaD) Learning Lab at the University of Alabama. Members of this interdisciplinary research group integrate digital, computational, media, and data literacies to support teaching and learning. Along with partners with several universities, the group has multiple funded projects focused on understanding how to support students, especially those with disabilities, in learning computer science and computational thinking skills through literacy, in gaining media literacy skills, and in preparing students for the digital literacies of the future. 

Dr. Hutchison is passionate about using digital innovations to provide equitable learning opportunities for all students and prepare them for a future that is constantly changed by digital technologies. Accordingly, she leads this group in scholarship that contributes to an understanding of how digital innovations can be used to provide equitable literacy learning opportunities for diverse learners, prepares students for success in a world in which digital literacy is essential to well-being, and informs understanding of how to prepare teachers to teach computer science through literacy in the elementary grades. Dr. Hutchison has authored/co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and books on these topics.


Dr. Hutchison was recently awarded the Digital Literacy Game Changer Award by the International Literacy Association, and has previously received research awards from the Literacy Research Association the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and Iowa State University, and was the recipient of the Thomas N. Urban Award for outstanding scholarly contributions to education. Additionally, Dr. Hutchison has served in many leadership roles in organizations such as AERA and the Literacy Research Association, and previously served as Director of the Division of Elementary, Literacy, and Secondary Education at George Mason University.


Dr. Amy Hutchison

The University of Alabama

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