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Compose with AI

The Development of a Digital Platform for Evaluating and Using AI-Generated Content for Academic Purposes

As a recently funded project, the purpose of this project is to develop a web-based platform, called Compose With Artificial Intelligence (AI), aimed at guiding students to evaluate AI-generated content and use factual information to compose common types of science-focused writing (e.g., composing arguments, claims or solutions related to science topics).

Our digital platform, Compose with AI, will guide students to gather and critically evaluate content produced by AI tools such as ChatGPT, guide students on beneficial and ethical uses of content produced by AI, and scaffold students’ use of AI-generated content as a model and resource for composing science-focused texts that make arguments, make claims, and/or provide reasoning. To maximally support a range of students, Compose With AI will include embedded videos to inform and support learners, includes self-regulated learning prompts (Sanders et al., 2019), scaffold computational thinking, be designed with Universal Design for Learning principles, and help students collect relevant information to generate digital compositions.


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Amy Hutchison
George Mason University
Principal Investigator

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