Animate My Name Lesson Plan - Students  use a variety of blocks to animate each letter of their name.

Composing a Letter Lesson Plan - Students write a letter to grandma and grandpa through coding in Scratch Jr.

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Debugging Lesson Plan - Students design and debug their own algorithms for creating a drawing made from shapes.

Decomposition Lesson Plan - Students develop a narrative essay about a time they had a problem and how they broke the problem down into smaller steps to solve it

Decomposition Lesson Plan (Lemonade stand) - Students break down tasks into smaller more manageable parts to determine whether they should close or expand their virtual lemonade stand.


Math Hour of Code Lesson Plan - Students complete a series of puzzles from

Pattern Recognition Lesson Plan - Students use Scratch to investigate how the ending letters of a verb affect its spelling as we change tenses.

Starfish Lesson Plan - Students create a narrative about an underwater adventure.

Three Little Pigs Lesson Plan - Students plan and create a Scratch project to review the order in which the Three Little Pigs built their houses.

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​Unplugged Game on Algorithms and Sequencing: Here is an example of an unplugged game you can play in your classroom to engage students to think about algorithms and sequencing.

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October 2018 to late-September 2021

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Amy Hutchison
George Mason University

Jeff Offutt Anna Evmenova
George Mason University
Kristie GutierrezJamie Colwell
Old Dominion University